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Ensuring profitability with allocated equipment and service hours, as well as maintenance, control of assets and total customer satisfaction, are a challenge for every maintenance service company.

Managing contracts, deliveries, field teams, quality and customer relationships, while keeping costs under control, is one of the key elements of success.

Ellevo is a specialist in support, operations, demands and assets management system for maintenance and service companies, such as Galileu, Compass, Grupo Eximia, among others!


Case Galileu

Galileo computerizes processes and gains agility with Ellevo platform

Control of the financial area, measuring the actions of technicians, scheduling appointments and tickets are no longer manual and have gone through automation, ensuring more data reliability for decision making.

A company specialized in offering equipment for the textile and composites industry, Galileu has been in the market for 14 years and has more than a thousand clients in its portfolio. In addition to sales, it also provides technical services to customers and bets on automation to ensure more effectiveness to its processes.

According to the director of Galileu, Luiz Henrique Ferreira, the company adopted the Ellevo platform for managing processes, services and activities. “Until then, all control and scheduling were carried out manually, which could end up resulting in errors. In addition, there was no easy access history, which hampered the progress of customer service”, he comments.

According to the executive, the implementation of the platform provided the automation of services, which are now all controlled within the solution. “We gained in agility and information security, in addition to being effective at work. Now the technician opens the platform on the client, quickly checks his history and carries out the project, which was not possible before. Even outside the company, he performs the records and we have a macro view of the progress of the processes, so that decisions can be taken quickly”, reinforces Luiz Henrique.

Currently, all areas of Galileu already use the Ellevo platform. With the control and access to data through technology, the company also restructured some functions, reallocating professionals in strategic areas, supporting the company’s growth. “We work with high-value machinery, which represents a high investment for our customers. Using the Ellevo platform in the management of our activities also brings benefits to them, as we have a complete history of actions, avoiding losses or delays in repairs” concludes the executive.