Listen to the customer is fundamental for the success of any company. It is a secret for nobody, but few institutions are working with market research in the moment to optimize the work, do improvements or launch new products.

So, we have highlighted here three advantages that listen to the customer will bring to your business. See how to extract quality information and provide improvements in your company through a confidence relationship with the customer:

Feedback – The importance to listen to the customer

In Market research, this is maybe the most challenging step. Many times the companies are interested only to know what news the customer wants and forgets to ask their opinion about what is already offered. So, listen to what your customer has to say.

Invest in improvements through the feedback process. Before release a new version, listen to what your customer has to say, to attend their needs. Not always the answer will be what you want to listen. It is usual that the customer express their dissatisfaction about something related to your business – even if it is the product, service or attendance. Do not face these feedbacks like lack of information or understanding in your tender, but like an opportunity to improve your profile in front of the market

Advances based on customer needs

Any businessperson or executive wants their company to be seen as modern, innovative and highlighted in the Market they act. So, invest in technology is fundamental, especially in those that allow better operation control and proximity to the clients. However, before you go crazy investing and making changes, be aware to the customer’s needs.

Understand what he really needs and it is only possible through a market research. A tip is to use the technology to record this data, facilitating the needs measuring. A chatbot, for example, can be a good solution for the application of a survey with key questions related to the business.

When developing the questions, be sure they will result in answer that will add value to your company. Do not create biased surveys, but one that will show customers’ real needs. From it on, it will be possible to bring news, with an advantage we will below highlight.

Assertiveness to the products development

When thinking in your business and portfolio future, the assertiveness is essential. Moreover, this is the gain when listening what the market has to say. When your company gives attention to the customers’ feedback and thinks about their needs, produces not only with quality, but also with a low margin of error.

You are able to deliver solutions and adherent products, strengthen in the market share and attract new customers, impacted by the satisfaction of who already are in your portfolio.

In Ellevo, we also bet in customer relationship and soon we will release news based on customers’ needs. Therefore, we will listen to our customers. If you are one of them, do not forget to participate and help us delivering the news that will affect positively your work.