What is the future of HR? Many researches bring a perception of changes that is increasingly present in this sector. Professionals in the challenge of engaging and retaining talent, new types of assessment of results, and especially technology, are the highlights. And automation is undoubtedly the solution which is transforming HR.

In today’s post we will talk particularly about three ways to automate HR and transform the management of your company. Check it out:

  1. Solving problems

Do you know that more than half of Brazilians spend, on average, six hours a day on the Internet? Especially the millennial generation, those born in the web age. It is online that they solve almost all their problems, and it is no different in the business environment. It is through technology that you can solve a number of common problems in HR, especially for clarifying the employees’ doubts.

Imagine a 1000-person company. If every day 5% of these employees had to consult, for some reason, an HR professional to resolve an issue, it will be 50 people to use the sector for unscheduled demands. This means leaving at least two professionals – at best – in charge of only this work.

Now imagine these same 50 professionals being able to count on a virtual assistant to solve common everyday issues, such as duplicate payrolls, questions about benefits or vacation. This automation results in productivity in the HR, agility for the professionals in their routines and easiness for the entire team. An example of automation for this kind of challenge is the use of chatbots. Besides that, a knowledge base corporate portal that addresses the most common doubts also helps in this process.

  1. Supporting employer branding

Rather than generating benefit records and issuing payrolls, the HR of the future is managing. One of the roles of this professional is to perform the employer branding, that means: a series of engagement actions, so that the professional feels a part of the company and is motivated in their deliveries.

Here, automation supports by sending information related to the company and the teams’ day-to-day, news about people management and organizational climate surveys. When all this is supported by a management platform, it adds value to the department. Information is no longer centralized.

  1. Reducing red tape, achieving result: efficient HR automation

When joining or leaving a company, there is a wide range of information that needs to be presented. And HR should check each of them, in addition to passing along information about dismissals and hiring to the departments involved. Badge activation, cancellation of benefit, scheduling of periodic exams, all this gets easier when an RPA solution (we have already talked about it here) works together with the teams.

On the Ellevo platform, for example, recording a certain activity related to a dismissal, automatically it generates a series of further actions. It is up to the professional to focus only on strategic actions, such as introducing a new name to the team or assessment of whom is leaving the company. Communication and subsequent activities within the bureaucracy of hiring and dismissal are undertaken by the platform and its automated process.

Do you wish to know more about HR transformation and the advantages of automation for the sector? Our experts can talk about the subject and present solutions in accordance to your business. Contact us here.