After winning an important account, engaging with the customer is essential to building a lasting partnership. To ensure the profitability of a business and the possibility of new sales, some actions of engagement by different sectors and, mainly, by managers, are fundamental.

Here are three important steps for your company and its professionals to be closer to the target audience:

Optimize communication in customer relationships

Show your customers that you are not only interested in selling, but that you want to stay close to them in a collaborative way. Create channels that make it easier to get closer and to create bonds. Marketing 3.0, which focuses on this construction and values contact even above the product, is a great tool. Blogs, social networks, and newsletters help you create a close bond. More than receiving offers, customers want to feel valued and know that the company is willing to help them on other issues that go beyond business contact.

Facilitate problem solving and eliminate doubts

Create practical actions and parameterizations for solving requests. Hear doubts, suggestions and complaints and have a practical channel for this communication to happen. Never stop responding to incoming calls and always try to answer them clearly and quickly.

Prepare your team and do not forget the after-sales

After-sales service is essential in building long-term partnerships. The new sales happen through this sector and it is through these sales that customers know that your company is on hand to assist them. Therefore, prepare your team to assist well who already is, will be or has already been a customer. Make clear the rules and conduct you want to adopt.

You have to put yourself in the customers’ shoes in order to assist them in a close and optimized way. The relationship is crucial to the success of any company. Another issue related to both team preparation and after-sales service is attention to the contract. Make it clear to both parties which service or product was contracted and what the implications are. The habit of not paying attention to the clauses can lead to dissatisfaction and poor communication. Do not forget to clarify all the points in the signed document and before you even start the relationship with the customer, make sure there are no doubts about the contract.

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