For an efficient Shared Services Central (SCC), it is necessary to establish some local control actions, be it physical or online. A SCC is use to manage company’s employees activities or even manage customer attendance. Among the benefits, is the information control, team productivity management, the processes optimization and the business intelligence management.

Today, we will talk about three tips that help optimize SCC control. Check below:

1 – Define processes and control metrics

Map everything related to the labor routine in the sectors that will be controlled by SCC.  Define employees’ functions, the manager’s attributions and meetings periodicity to align and analyze results. To have a well-defined process is the first step to ensure better results.

This kind of labor routine also makes clear to the employees their functions and how they must be done – and recorded. It is easier to identify attributions, demands passing and customer attendance, when necessary. From the mapping and implementation of well-defined labor routines, agility turns a benefit to your company, bringing much more productivity to the team.

To have processes and metric are, basically, organize home to keep growing with well-prepared teams.

2 – Count on an integrated technology

Web solutions and cloud hosting allows the management of unit activities in different places, as well as recording from anywhere and a more efficient communication. A SCC platform avoids the need of constant emails and phone calls. Employees can record their requests or questions faster, attributing to the responsible sector.

The receivers can filter the demands by priority and deadline scale, being able to deliver more and better the delivered activities. Another technology benefit is the knowledge management. In other words: from software designed to SCC control, the business information are recorded in the software basis, as company propriety, and do not get lost when fire an employee.

3 – Bet in automating solution and cognitive intelligence

Avoid wasting time with processes merely operational. Automated systems allow the team to be focused in company’s strategic areas, while routine activities are executed automatically. In attendance process, cognitive intelligence, through chatbots use, makes recurrent questions or demands become attended by robots, faster and with high grade of assertiveness.

So, your employees will support the business searching for knowledge, while the technology becomes an ally in process optimization. Do not let your SCC become an ineffective tool. With the right system and process, productivity and assertiveness will be constant in your company.