The feedback process is essential to managing people in any company. The act of speaking and also hearing about the performance of professionals ensures more transparency in relationships.

And organizing these processes demands attention from the HR team and managers. What was the last meeting you held for this purpose? What were the points addressed? What were the requests for improvements? All this needs to be not only registered but also organized. Here are some tips for organizing the process in your company:

Create a script

The first step is to write down how this communication should happen. For this the company can count on specialized consulting and document all the important points of this area of people management. The questions to be asked, feedback frequency, how to score, and how it will interfere with benefits, such as the Profit Sharing Plan (PPR), are issues that should be mapped.

Record employee feedback in one place

Find a simple handy tool for archiving this documentation. E-mail is not a good ally in this process, since the records of meetings can be lost amidst hundreds of incoming messages. A good tip is the use of systems for managing and registering tasks, which can be accessed by all interested managers. Use the technology to your advantage and earn points with solutions in the cloud, for example, that have frequent backups and allow access to documentation from anywhere.

Statistics and Overview

Feedback is still a valuable tool for aligning the actions that need more attention with professionals. In addition to being a tool for demanding staff improvements, it helps the company understand what professionals think in terms of workplace, colleagues and managers. To facilitate the evaluation, you can also rely on surveys with objective answers, which have options from 1 to 10, for example. Input this data in your tool so you can generate graphs and statistics that make it easier to see the results. For example: 10% of professionals feel that the layout of teams’ rooms needs to be optimized.

Periodic goals

In order to have good results with this type of alignment, use the responses in creating periodic goals for team and managers. In addition, communicate the outcome of these goals and the changes according to the requests of the professionals. Internal communications made via shared access systems are very efficient in this regard.

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