In a Market more and more globalized, efficiency’s management is the word of the time. There is not control possibility and improvement without use of technology anymore. In Service Desk case, area where all company orders related to improvement goes through, maintenance or support of used systems, this information is much truer.

They talk a lot about digital transformation and the fact is that there is no longer space for companies that are not ready to adapt to new Technologies. One of them is high and is fundamental for the business to earn efficiency and productivity: the automation

The first is about finish with machining activities common to the employees, like Invoice emission or sending charge bills, for example. We can also quote the HR information consulting, like vacation pay or paycheck emission. To the Service Desk, the automation of this kind of activity means that it will have fewer requests related to simple requisition, as the system itself will automatically send the actions to be executed. So, for both teams of automated areas to Service Desk employees will be able to dedicate themselves to more complex tasks, reducing the volume and time to solve the problems that eventually comes.

The automation means much more productivity and cost reduction. For the manager it is sure that the team will be focused in strategic actions and they will not waste time with trivial activities. It does more with less team. The productivity increases.

In the Service Desk is important to count on structured routine, well distributed activities and with well-defined deadlines. With automation, many of these actions occur without human intervention. So, even if an employee is involved with a specific attendance, the task will be done because of automation, avoiding late request deliveries. In short, it is certain that the routine will be organized, allowing to the company’s attendance level two more control in daily actions.