During the last months of the year, most Brazilian companies work on the organization’s annual strategic planning. This is time to close the balance sheet, approves next year’s budget, corrects possible mistakes, creates metrics, goals, and plans.

All of it involves a lot of time from the analysts and managers. Most of them do not have accurate performance data of their team or do not know how to measure the results, and then plan the next steps. Check in this article how your company’s Service Central Tool can be an important ally to facilitate annual strategic planning:

To approve the budget related to the company’s patrimony

If the company uses the Service Central tool to Facilities area, it will obtain a detailed history of the maintenances occurred during the year. Maybe, in some equipment, the expenses exceeded the expected and it is worth to invest in a new machine. With this history in your hands, it is easier and assertive to decide where and when to invest in company’s structure.

It is also important to check how the records are being made and correct potential mistakes as well as to talk and empower the team to optimize work in the coming year.

Analyzing the productivity

SSC tools give to the companies qualitative and quantitative data related to the team productivity. The client’s attendance get faster, recurrent problems and activities that take much time from your employees can be analyzed.

From there on, it is possible to invest in training, rebuilding, cost cuts and labor, also the optimization and execution format of some actions.

CRM actions

If the company is not using the service management system for business actions yet, this is a good time to suggest this change for the upcoming year. The system used in your SSC can automatically change the status of leads recorded in the database, ensuring that no contact be “forgotten” by the team. It also has the possibility to change the responsible according to contacts’ development. A good strategy to approach prospects and increase sales for the upcoming year is to use a customer relationship system.

Organization and efficiency

The Central Service tool can be used in the most various company areas. It helps both people management, and asset control and demand management. Based in the recorded activities, it is possible to evaluate company’s organization level and through the generated graphics, analyze systematically the actions done during the previous year. Furthermore, the data consolidation in graphics becomes an important tool of Business Intelligence (BI). Based on the previous months, the managers can program the next company steps accurately and safer.

Are all these information available to your company in the SSC tool you use? Otherwise, notice that the market offers options that can respond to this difficulty and the Annual Strategic Planning become much more practical and well grounded.


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