Workflows and Business Processes

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Workflow management is vital for any department’s transactional processes and operations, as it allows you to organize, forecast, mitigate rework, optimize time and resources, and achieve operational excellence.

The big challenge is that processes and technologies change, and that is why your workflow tool needs to be easily configurable, with ample possibilities for custom automation, low maintenance and easy integration with other business software.

Create complex workflows, with approvals, integrations, automations and full customization with Ellevo, one of the most complete workflow systems in the world.

Key Topics

IT Workflows

Manage ITIL compliant support, development, projects, assets and changes.

Customer Workflows

Manage the customer journey, providing satisfaction and ensuring retention.

Employee Workflows

Manage the journey of your employees in a complete and automated way, integrating with the main software on the market.

Process Automation

Create automations based on events or dates, gaining agility in repetitive processes.


Chat with your customer through multiple channels and have information centralized in a single system.