The Artificial Intelligence is hyped lately, and we cannot deny this. Just brief web navigation in the main communication vehicles, whether or not from the technology area, to find something new in this segment.

Increasingly real and present in our routine, deconstructing this old idea of ​​humanoid robots walking around, big companies are showing that creating robots can be simple and efficient. The title of this article is not by chance: if you analyze, maybe the last self-service you have done, looking for information about a certain company on its web site, you have been surrendered to the chat that suddenly appeared on the corner of your screen. The attendant asked quickly and efficiently if he could help, continuing the conversation with options to solve your problem, suggesting ways to facilitate the resolution of the question, perhaps offering new products and conditions, and ending the chat cordially.

Did you ever tought that on the other side of the screen, there was nothing but a robot? A bot specially developed to interact, through writing or voice, and solve customer’s problems? They are more present than we realize and they are not just restricted to major brands like IBM, Google or Facebook.

Unlike those typical machine records, chatbots reduce companies’ costs with this service, accelerating the demands through a quick search in a huge database. They understand the context of a question, even in an informal language, brings new options to the client and can even interpret feelings through the caller’s expressions during video calls. More than that, they have become an option to reinvent the modus operandi of large and medium-sized companies. Lean and focused on strategic topics teams, while bots take care of operational work. Artificial intelligence is not just the boom this time, but the technology came to give the companies a possibility to interact with clients in a cost-effective, fast and practical way, while their people are dedicated to improve the process.